9 thoughts on “roux

  1. The best roux I have ever made is part of a recipe for seafood okra gumbo from a cookbook called ‘Cookery New Orleans Style’ (they ought to know how to make roux!) In this particular recipe, you mix ‘2 cooking spoons flour and bacon drippings in a heavy skillet. Cook slowly, stirring often until it reaches a dark caramel brown [20-30 minutes]. Be careful not to burn.’ It makes an awesome base for gumbo but I haven’t applied it to other dishes. Due to lactose intolerance by most of the females in our household I rarely cook with butter and learned a long time ago that margarine is a poor substitute for making roux — too much water added — so I rarely make it. Hope that is a little helpful to you.

    I know A is a vegetarian, but are you? I’d hate to be regularly making suggestions which are completely useless to you!

    Oh, and the time is really out of whack on your posts — I know I did not comment at 10 PM and I’m guessing you didn’t post at 3 AM! ;-)


    • the Cookbook you are referring to “cookery new orleans style” is my mother’s self published book Chiqui Collier… i am happy to see that she has had a positive effect on others because i for one love her cooking and i know she thoroughly enjoys sharing with others.

      if you are interested in more about her cookbook contact her at chiqui70131@yahoo.com


  2. I have a Paul Prudhomme cookbook that I love, but the method he advocates uses super-high heat and is really hard for me to control (especially with a cast iron skillet). He mentions that it was traditionally made slowly over the course of the day using low heat, but doesn’t give any instruction on that method or on anything in between.

    I can look it up for specifics, but I’m pretty sure Prudhomme says you can use other oils in place of butter. I bet toasted sesame oil would make an interesting roux.

    Alice is lacto-ovo vegetarian. I’m contra-vegetarian (though not as much these days).


  3. Oh, I was just saying that the roux that I’ve made most recently is this one with bacon drippings for the gumbo and that in the past I have made roux with butter but I don’t now. As in, I don’t have an alternative method for you ;-) Sorry to be confusing.


  4. contra-vegetarian? Is that a carnivore? Are you now a ‘flexitarian’? The Husband works with a vegan — talk about a cooking challenge — mix my carnivore husband with his vegan coworker and find something they can both eat! ;-)


  5. Hm. Too bad it doesn’t actually *fix* all of the post and comment timestamps now that I’ve given it the right settings. What does it do, store static html!? It also doesn’t use the time formatting I set in my blog options. : (


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