I have several posts planned, but most of them will take a while to write, and even longer to discuss. So for now I’m sticking with simple stuff like food. I’ll probably transition into posting links to offsite content for discussion, and then post my own.

But who knows, I’m generally busy enough commenting on others’ blogs. : )

I also have a rarely-updated blog on LiveJournal. For the time being, I plan on keeping both. The LJ has primarily been a tool for communicating with college buddies (the duckosphere), but it’s possible I’ll merge the two someday.


5 thoughts on “activity

  1. oooh! I like the new look . . . I had trouble reading the old one and finding the comments, etc. This gets high marks for ‘readability’ ;-)

    MobileOak was so right on egana’s blog about the aged discussion topic . . . it’s much harder to post ‘real content’! I’m looking forward to seeing this grow!


  2. Sellout! ;) Just kidding… I just think it’s funny that I now have like four blogs for half the people of EV Free on my list :) I still like LJ’s ability to make certain things more private, so I’ll probably keep hanging out there until I get sucked in to wordpress. I’ve been resisting since I already have LJ, Xanga, MySpace, Facebook and a few others that I never update. Oh well…


  3. It’s easy to get accented letters on a Mac. You only press the appropriate option key, and then the letter to be accented. Below is a mapping of the option keys to accents.

    option-n = ˜
    option-e = ´
    option-` = `
    option-i = ˆ
    option-u = ¨

    There may be more, but those are the ones I’m aware of.


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