It has occurred to my that my perspective on possible actions may be backwards. For instance, I might think “should I do such and such” or “is there any justification for taking this action”. I’m beginning to wonder if my thinking should place our freedom in Christ as the default, and rather be thinking “is there a reason I should *not* do such and such” and “would taking this action sin against God or neighbor”.

Perhaps this is an overly subtle or even insignificant distinction. Or perhaps it will free me to do “whatever” while expending more energy seeking the filling of the spirit. What do you think?


2 thoughts on “perspective

  1. Interesting idea. I don’t know, but I suspect that it’s good to think about it either way (rather than being like your average me and not thinking about much of anything)…


  2. MN, I bet you’re right.

    We are free in Christ! To the question, “What do I do?” we can respond, “Whatever you want! (As long as it’s not sin.)”

    Because of God’s regenerative work in our hearts, we want some good things. And the Spirit lives in us, so we can trust that we are being guided at all times, even when we can’t sense his guidance.

    This is a comfort; it means that we can make choices boldly, as well as we are able, and we can know that God is leading and guiding, and all the consequences that flow from our choices will also be directed by God.

    The alternative, to act only when there is a justification, is to cast us in the role of an inherently inert, unmoving Self that must be prevailed upon by reason or fear to act. This just doesn’t sound like freedom to me. Unless it is the “freedom” to be left alone, which is not a freedom that Christ died to give us. Instead, he gave us freedom FROM sin and freedom TO love.

    And it seems to me that habitually thinking, “Why shouldn’t I do this good thing that I’ve thought of?” is a restatement of the idea that we have been freed in order to love.


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