two months

It’s been two months since the SBC posted the resolution against Biblical, God honoring, and heart gladdening use of alcohol. So today I point you to an article on the Sociology of Prohibition. If you want to skip the history (which is interesting, but voluminous) skip to the paragraph that starts with “What interests me”. I’m not certain that I agree with the assertion that “Prohibitions are always enacted by US, to govern the conduct of THEM…” because it seems blind to the fact that people will eagerly volunteer prohibitions on themselves because many people prefer legalism to humbly working out the gift of their salvation. Then again, perhaps they’re related. What do you think?


2 thoughts on “two months

  1. I don’t know- I might agree with him on the whole Prohibitions are made by US to govern THEM. It’s definitely historically clear. And while there are some people who will eagerly prohibit themselves from behavior x,y and z because they’re legalistic… there are also those who will ignore the harm of behavior x,y and z, and who eventually wind up having those behaviors prohibited because they didn’t first self-prohibit. This is what Carl thinks happened with the smoking ban in C-U- the restaurant owners didn’t self-prohibit, and so eventually, the cities did it for them. Now, I’m not convinced of that argument (mostly because I think the smoking ban was very unlibertarian), but… I can see its merit in some situations. If we’re speaking of spiritual behaviors, though, I would agree with you that people will eagerly fall into legalism, rather than walk in freedom. Making wise choices isn’t easy, after all, but… having someone else tell you what to do is much simpler.


  2. I think having someone tell you what to do gives an easy way for the flesh to rebel against something…

    I bet the flesh really likes laws, in a way, because they give it something to feed on and resist and grow stronger fighting against. Scripture tells us that the law increases the trespass. So it seems natural to me that our flesh (either the remaining one in all those who are in Christ, or the entire person who is only flesh if they are still Adam) it seems natural to me that our flesh would be only too too delighted to have a bunch f laws for “the righteous” to follow heaped up on it, so that it can increase itself and show itself to be even MORE utterly sinful than any of us ever dreamed.


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