Syntactically right, semantically wrong.


12 thoughts on “Po

  1. “PO” is funny…

    whenever Gorf stops in mid sentance, sticks the tip of his tongue out and gets a thoughtful look, i know another explosion of insight is on its way…

    “Po” is the perfect indicator word for this…



  2. That’s funny, considering you were the one “With out side in sight with in.” I was expecting you to respond to the creative challenge of “po: syntactically right, semantically wrong”.

    Maybe I’m misusing it. Am I correct in my recollection the “po” indicated that the following is supposed to be a juxtaposition of disparate thoughts so as to spark creativity by attempting to create a relationship between them? Seems like you so that (sans po) all the time. : )

    Egana’s comment suggests that it did eventually have the intended effect, even if there’s no comment to document the content of said “explosion of insight”.

    I thought of “Po” as a perfect foil to the titular bloodbath. Not only was it strikingly brief, but I expected it to generate more content than the ceremonial frenzy I witnessed elsewhere.

    My first comment has only slight variations on meaning (I wasn’t *that* creative) but was inspired by the Art of Noise title “In No Sense Nonsense”. It’s mostly just a play on words.


  3. Hm, now that I reread your most recent comment, I see that I may have been a bit overly pedantic. Heh, as though the previous posts weren’t!

    I’m happy to offer hints, but I don’t want to present them unbidden, lest I lessen your fun. Of course, there may be no fun to lessen. : )


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