You may have heard of Change a Light, Change the World. We found out today that the mayor of Champaign wants to change a light bulb in our house for the event. And it will be televised! Joy. While I suspect we were selected due to our participation in the city’s Full Home Rehab program, I don’t think the two things are directly linked. We’re trying to gracefully decline, I’ll let you know how it goes.


8 thoughts on “madness

  1. How many people does it take to change a light bulb?

    one politician
    a family with two cute kids
    a film crew and reporter to televise the event, which means there will probably be a makeup/dress person involved

    so I’m thinking there must be 9 or 10 people involved here — talk about your energy savings by changing a light bulb! ;-) hehehe!


  2. while the subject of power savings is before us, I’ll mention my Ameren lines deal I got in the mail. In the lame pie chart, we’re informed that 69% of the electricity we use is from coal-fired sources. Anyone know where I can get some solar panels? I’ve thought about building a windmill… but that wouldn’t work well in my apartment. :(


  3. Alice told the City that we weren’t interested but would do it if they really needed us. They told her that they would have to get everything lined up by noon (yesterday) and would called her back. They called a little after noon saying that the TV station hadn’t responded in time, so the event is called off.


  4. Well, it was only a publicity event, so it makes sense to cancel when the publicity falls through. The city is still participating in the National program. And who knows, if we hadn’t tried to get out of it, maybe he would have come anyway. I’m told he’s a nice guy.


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