It seems as though my pedometer counts may be a bit high. Friday I topped 40k! : ) That said, I’m not sure what to do about it. Here’s my counts for Fr-Su:

Fr: 40368
Sa: 11421
Su: 13904

Friday I walked to/from work (six miles) and to the park and back (1 mile), plus miscellaneous walking.

Saturday I drove to Peoria, the Bradley park, and walked around the Bradley U campus.

Sunday I went to Church, studied, and went to small group.

Fellow teammates, what do you think I should do with my numbers? Report them as is? Discount them some percentage? Try to construct reasonable and accurate numbers?


9 thoughts on “walktober

  1. no, seriously, I think that it is quite possible the Monday will looks amazingly like Friday (since you will be more pedestrian than on the week-end.) Soooooo… if Monday’s step count is insanely high like Fridays, embrace the goodness and go with it, dude!


  2. Unfortunately, my pedometer got reset sometime today, so I’m not sure what my numbers would have been. I also worked late, and got a ride home from Alice, so I didn’t get in a full workday walk either. My stats won’t look good this week unless I start getting jiggy (I’ve tried to stop…).


  3. jiggy?


    I’ve known you how many years? I can’t remember… but in all those years I’ve never been able to come up with a nick name for you I really liked. “MN” is really jsut alziness on my part, cause i don’t wanna type out the whole thing…

    but “jiggy” has real possibility…




  4. Hey, I forgot that I was using Gofry’s “Big Labowski” (his new computer) when I posted the above. That was certialny NOT Gorf…

    I don’t think he would call MN…


    but I must confess it is GROWING on ME!


  5. Oh no… not Jiggy :P If we’re going to nickname MN here, it has to be good and … properly inside-jokeish mixed with a little silly and more… MNy… He just doesn’t strike me as a Jiggy :\ I’ll ponder it more…

    P.S. You need to go to bed, Egana!


  6. P.S. Yeah, mine got reset today, too. I estimated it at the closest 1000 that I remembered seeing- I think I was probably at 5,400 something, but I just put 5k in, added my gym time and paced like crazy tonight. It’s okay if our stats aren’t amazing! As fun as it would be to win, I think mostly it’s just a good excuse for us to get exercise :)


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