I don’t really think about happiness much, and it doesn’t feel like happiness is a big motivator in my life. But I’m sitting in Panera writing a class paper and look out the window at the falling snow. I smile, and realize that this is one of the few external things I can think of that really does this. Usually I’m happy when I solve a problem or have some revelation about something that’s been puzzling me. But this is different. Falling snow makes me happy.


5 thoughts on “Happiness

  1. And I don’t mean that in a patronizing way, I mean it in a “I agree with you and I’m glad you posted about it” sort of way. It is heartwarming to hear about simple happinesses.


  2. I sooooooooo agree. That last snow we had, with the big fluffy flakes swirly-ing around and around until finally landing was just beautiful.

    I like falling snow too.

    And then I like the sun to come out a shine on it and make it sparkly, and the trees to be dark and drippy, and the sky to be bright blue and a hazy ring around the sun…


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