Leadership clip

I need to take to class (in six days) a 2-7 minute video clip that demonstrates leadership. The leadership can be good or bad. In class we watched an episode of “The Office”, which was full of great examples of bad leadership. I can use VHS, DVD, or a computer (even youtube) file. Any suggestions?

11 thoughts on “Leadership clip

  1. Again, no specific scene, but there’s a documentary about Earnest Shackelton and his Antarctic adventure with the ship Endurance that gets frozen into the ice and sinks and then he and his men survive there for 6 mos before they build a small craft and a few of the men (3?) sail in search of help and return to rescue the others. Shackelton’s leadership was quite remarkable in that but it’s sort of an overall thing, not a particular scene.

    With The Office you can pick almost any scene and find an example of horrid leadership, but I have a hard time thinking of a particular scene, since I think of the overall movie . . .


  2. The editor in “Shattered Glass” has a few scenes where he defends his young journalists. One scene in particular, the owner comes in raging about misused comma, and sets everyone to circling and justifying their comma usage. The editor goes to bat for the journalists, and put and end to “the great comma debate.” It is a pretty good example of good leadership.


  3. I used the scene from Sound of Music where the Nuns are debating what to do with Maria to where Maria leaves the abbey. It’s full of good leadership, and it’s Alice’s favorite movie, so we have multiple copies of it, and she was able to direct me to the exact place…. : )


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