I’ve discovered that lemon curd and banana complement each other surprisingly well. So well, in fact that I’m thinking of making some sort of pie to highlight the combination. But it seems like I need one more thing, and I’m not sure what. Perhaps some kind of nut? Suggestions are welcome. : )

2 thoughts on “lemon/banana

  1. Like a combination banana cream/lemon meringue pie? Slice bananas in the bottom and lemon curd on top and then a third flavor in there?

    Chocolate ganache on top of the bananas but under the lemon.
    Hazelnuts or pecans in the crust.
    A little coconut? Tropical.

    A couple of cents from the endless penny jar! ;-)


  2. I was envisioning a layer of bananas with the curd on top, but didn’t know what to do with the unknown ingredient.

    Lemon and chocolate, I’m not sure about that. But I don’t like to adulterate my chocolate with fruit… I don’t like coconut, so that won’t fly. Pecans sound nice.


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