key lime experiments, pt 3

I had a small bit of cream cheese that needed to be used, I modified #2 and #1 from key lime experiments, pt 1. I substituted honey for sugar in the former and doubled the lime juice in the latter. I let the girls help me make and sample these.

1 oz cream cheese
1 tbsp key lime juice
1 tbsp honey

Notes: Much like #2. Sarah didn’t like it, but Elizabeth ate it all up!

1 oz cream cheese
2 tbsp key lime juice

Notes: The texture was better than #1, but perhaps a titch too soft this time. The flavor was very intense, and not good. I talked Sarah out of trying this one; Elizabeth tried it but didn’t like it at all.

The texture of #1 and #13 is really is quite interesting, I just need to find a way to sweeten it without adding so much moisture. Are there any natural “dry” sweeteners? Maybe stevia or a sugar alcohol?

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