Back In The Saddle?

I have many things I’ve intended to post, but Haven’t because it always seemed like I needed to be more organized, or complete my analysis, or something else. Int he interest of actually doing *something* and moving forward, I’ll post what I have even if it’s “unfinished”. Maybe some would never have been finished; it would be a shame to let them disappear unshared. The blog is as much for myself as for my community and family, but I don’t know if anyone besides random internet denizens will ever read it. Whatever.

In an effort to maintain some sort of momentum, I’ll try to make no more than one post a day. I know, that sounds silly considering how long it’s been since I posted with any regularity. But don’t take it as an indication that I intend to post every day, or even every week. It means only that in have several things in queue, and if I post them all at once I could squander my opportunity to actually develop a habit.

If do you read this and you know me in real life, I’d appreciate it if you left a comment or sent me an email. It may not matter if anyone else reads this, but it is nice to know my audience, and I’m incorrigibly curious.

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