What is the “meaning of life”? Should it be or look the same for each person? Each Christian? Is it just “something that is”, a truth that exists regardless of our awareness or acceptance of it? Is there a difference between “real” meaning and what we think or feel provides meaning? Is it some sort of unavoidable destiny, or something that we should ponder, meditate on, or walk towards? Is it even possible for us, as human beings, to not act on that which gives our life meaning? Should we strive for meaning? How often? Yearly? Monthly? Weekly? Daily? Hourly? Constantly? What does this striving look like? What do you do? What gets in your way? What helps you on your way? Will you ever get there? Do you ever change direction? Do you forget where you are going? How do you keep from deriving meaning from the striving? How do you make the striving meaningful instead of mere motions?

Such is life.


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