Why is it so hard to find plain, thin, quarter-crew socks? Most have padded soles, as if that’s not what shoes are for. The rest have logos, swoops, or something else that eliminates the possibility that the sock will go with anything. It used to be a bit easier, but for the last several years most suitable options have been replaced with the tiny socks too short to separate my foot from my shoe.

All is not lost, though, I found white Wigwam CT Tour Socks and purchased a dozen pair or so. Very nice. These join the black Wigwam King Cotton socks that also fill my drawer. That’s right, I have only two different socks. They don’t need sorted, don’t need paired, and there is never a stray. I can even pull out matching socks in utter darkness.

Incidentally, the King Cotton, while thicker than the CT Tour, are similar in being the same thickness top and bottom. Why people want their feet to be warm on the bottom and cold on top I’ll never know, but these socks don’t have that problem.

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