Christmas Music

This is a bit more positive than my other Christmas post

Way back in high-school, I worked at Fisher’s Big Wheel, a department store of the Midwest and Northeast. I only worked there through two Holiday shopping seasons, but it was enough for me to never want to hear Christmas music again(*). It wasn’t just the (relatively) few songs that were repeated ad nauseum in the store, it affected my ability to enjoy any Christmas music, including hymns.

Thankfully, after twenty-something years, I started being able to tolerate some Christmas music, and have purchased a few “atypical” albums for my wife (Harry Connick, Jr.Diana Krall, and The Fab Four). This year, and maybe a little last year, I actually wanted to hear some Christmas music.

(* I have to admit that I was, previous to my Holiday work experience, disproportionately affected by the fact that my elementary school’s music program, which played used an identical Christmas curriculum for grades 3, 4, and 5. I can still see the Nutcracker filmstrip, and while the ballet’s music is now tolerable, I still loathe “It’s a Holly Jolly Christmas”, which we sang at least once a week for four weeks, all three years.)

4 thoughts on “Christmas Music

  1. I know I already told you, but to anyone else happening by and looking for less popular, more jazzy, more electronic christmas music, I really like the Christmas station by SomaFM [].


      • That’s because it’s a legit radio station, not these new-fangled pandora/spotify/rdio options. I’ve found the traditional has been the last distracting for music listening because there is no way for me to interact with it (even compared to my local music). :-)


        • That explains skipping, but I’d expect a real person to be less likely to put wildly different styles next to each other. Then again, people are (when anonymous individuals) unpredictable; maybe that DJ liked that combo.


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