This past Sunday I was reminded of my previous Yuletide Rant. Could this be a divine nudge to actually do something (besides complain)?

We sang God Rest You Merry, Gentlemen, whose refrain repeats that Christmas brings “tidings of comfort and joy”. After than when we had our time of sharing praises and prayer requests, a member of the worship team mentioned the she did not feel what the song described, and asked for prayer to feel this comfort and joy. Later an elder mentioned that he disliking the all the stress associated with the “Christmas season”. (He may have said it more strongly, but I don’t want to overstate it.)

This is true in my family, and I suspect it is true for most Americans. It’s my experience that this is also a season when we tend to sin more against others, especially our families, in a variety of small, mundane, everyday sort of ways.

If we are to figuratively “gouge out our eye” if it causes us to sin, shouldn’t we remove the cause of this seasonal propensity for sin?

I also liked the sermon, which was eerily apropos. Sovereignty in action! The first half should be of particular interest to anyone who doesn’t yet have kids, or whose kids are too young to really be aware of Christmas “traditions”. YMMV.

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