Pods #1

For Christmas I received a huge variety pack of ESE espresso pods. This is great, because it combines two things I enjoy: coffee and sampling. Up to this point I’ve only had pods from Starbucks, and while drinkable, they aren’t as good as espresso from freshly roasted and ground beans. I have 45 different pods to sample, so I’m hoping to find at least one that is above average, and more than simply “enjoyable”.

If I hope to end my sampling with a knowledge of what I liked (or disliked), I’ll have to write it down. And if I’m doing that, I might as well do it here. I’m not expecting each”review to have much detail. I’ll make a new post for each “set” of reviews and finish up with a review of everything. I two pods of each variety, so I’ll be able to make additional side-by-side reviews at that point. I may post more than one review a day.

For reference, I believe a good espresso should be full-bodied, feel viscous, and be strong enough to be bracing (maybe shocking), but WITHOUT being bitter.

I’m making the espresso in a DeLonghi EC155. I’m starting with a 1/2 oz shot (molto ristretto) in order to give the pods the best possible chance of meeting that standard. I pull a second 1/2 oz shot to get a feel for the flavor of a normal 1 oz ristretto shot.

First Sampling:

  • Amigos Caffé: thin and weak even in the 1/2 oz pull. the next 1/2 oz  was watery.
  • Amigos Caffé, Extra Bar: the first 1/2 oz was thin, but like strong drip coffee. The second 1/2 oz was rather bitter.

11 thoughts on “Pods #1

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