Texas BBQ

A couple of years ago we went to Texas for David and Alyscia’s wedding. True to form, I did quite a bit of research on various family activities and different restaurants to try on the trip. There were a few different BBQ places I was hoping to sample, but I only made it to one of them.

Thankfully, it was Joe Cotten’s Barbeque Joint. I see that Joe Cotten’s burned down March 2, 2011, after 64 years at its Robstown location, but it’s reopened for carryout and catering in nearby Calallen. I hope to make it back if I’m ever in the area.

It’s been two years, and I don’t recall a lot of details, so this will be brief. The pork, brisket, and sausage, were quite tasty, smoky without tasting like smoke, and the sauce was a great (but unnecessary) complement. I was eating it in the passenger seat while we drove from New Braunfels to Corpus Christi, so the restaurant’s ambience wasn’t able to contribute to my enjoyment of the meal. My recollection is that the sauce reminded me more of salsa than the thick and sweet (KC-style) sauce that’s common in the midwest or the vinegary sauce common in the Carolinas. It didn’t actually taste like salsa, but the texture was thinner and more chunky, and the flavor was much more fresh and less heavy than more common BBQ sauces. It broadened my horizons.

If I can find my notes from the other places I’d hoped to visit, I’ll post those too.

3 thoughts on “Texas BBQ

    • Fun song, but it’s worse than they think. In many places BBQ simply means “with BBQ sauce”. Though I suppose qualifies as “meat prepared in a very special way”. :)

      From what I’ve read, Texas has at least 5 distinct regional “versions” of BBQ.


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