Pods #12


  • Caffé del boge, blu decaf: Medium body and flavor, no bitterness. Second cup had light body and flavor, without bitterness.
  • PodMerchant, decaf: Light flavor, body, and bitterness. Second cup had watery body and flavor, and light bitterness.
  • Compagnia dell’Arabica, Dacaffeinato Leggero Light: My first pod pulled like light brown water I flipped it over and tried again, and it was better. However, it was thin and bitter, so I suspected a problem and threw it out. I pulled out my spare pod and it too pulled like water. I stopped it right away, flipped it over and tried again. This time it was medium bodied, medium strong, and not bitter. The second cup had a light body and flavor, still without bitterness.
  • Lucaffé, Dacaffeinato: light body, strong, and a little bitter. The second cup was exactly the same.

Click here for the introduction to this series.

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