Texas in August

This is a followup to my post on Texas BBQ, where I promised I’d post notes from other BBQ joints I’d hoped to visit. This includes that, and notes many other places we either did visit or intended to visit.

We stopped by the Cherokee Heritage Center in Tahlequah, OK, and it was very cool.

Later that day we had an impromptu stop by Adelita’s Cafe in Eufala, OK. It doesn’t really get good reviews, but for us the service was excellent, the atmosphere was great, the portions were huge, and everybody enjoyed their food. My tamales were delicious, and I’ve yet to find better ones anywhere. I was hesitant to stop at an unplanned Mexican restaurant because there were so many (reputedly) great ones on the itinerary, and I didn’t want to get burnt out. That wasn’t a problem, and I’m glad we stopped here.

In New Braunfels I had hoped to visit Adobe Verde, but it was not to be. However, we did enjoy tasty baked goods from Naegelins Bakery and German food from Friesenhaus. We stayed at one ore more Hampton Inns on this trip, and they were all great.

In San Antonio I dropped off everyone at the Kiddie Park, and went to pick up Alice’s sister from the airport. We went back to the park, grabbed a fitting lunch across the street at Good Time Charlie’s, and then headed downtown for a Riverwalk Cruise. The cruise is a great way to see things; it’s quick, easy, informative (there’s a guide), and the perfect choice when you have kids. :) We got ice cream from a quaint hole in the wall we saw while waiting for our cruise.

Eventually it was time for supper, and we were in the mood for Mexican. We didn’t make it to Tito’s or Rosario’s, but we did eat at El Mirador. I don’t think anyone was happy with the food, the slow service, or the dark, cramped atmosphere. I remember being particularly intrigued by Rosario’s, just because recent tasty additions to Dos Reales sounded like they’d been lifted directly off of the Rosario’s menu. I figure if the Illinois version is good, how much better would the Texas version be?

In Corpus Christie we stayed at the Best Western Marina Grand Hotel Lodging, and we weren’t pleased. The service was nice enough, but the rooms smelled smoky, and it seemed like the odor was coming from the HVAC.

 I don’t remember if we got to actually touch any dolphins, but we definitely got to see them up close. The people at Dolphin Connection were wonderful and knowledgeable.

It looked like we’d be just in time to see the Sea Turtle Hatchlings at Padre Island National Seashore, but it was the tail end of the trip and we decided that everyone was too tired to make it there before sunrise.

The USS Lexington was very interesting, but I saw only a small fraction of it in 1hr I had while everyone else was at Magee beach swimming and flying kites.

I really wanted to try the BBQ mutton at the Gonzales Food Market, but it didn’t work out. This even despite the fact that there was a satellite store in San Antonio. :(

We pulled into Houston very hungry, and my family is always in the mood for Mexican. We didn’t have any plans’ so we called Alice’s Uncle Lee, who had lived in Houston for several years. I can’t seem to find it now, but it was incredible. I’ll give it its own post when I find out what it was called.

In the Joaquin, the last town before we passed from Texas into Louisiana, we stopped at the rustic Worsham Grocery, grainery, and general store. It turns out that the proprietor used to live in West York, IL, and knew Libby’s dad when he was Postmaster there. It’s a small world.

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