Hot Toddies

I’ve long heard of a Hot Toddy, but never tried one. I searched online and found widely varying proportions. Here’s the common range I found for a basic Hot Toddy:

1-2 oz whisky, brandy, rum, etc
1 tb honey
1-2 tsp lemon juice (or 1/4 of a lemon)
1/4c – 1c hot water

I decided to start with something in the middle:

1.5 oz Woodford Reserve Whiskey
1 tb honey
1/4 lemon
1/2 c hot water

I heated the water to boiling, poured it into a mug, added the other ingredients, and stirred.

It had potential, but I didn’t really care for it very much. I’ll try it later with a splash of bitters.

I next tried it with Myers Rum, and it was pretty tasty. I’ve read that a spiced rum works well, though I don’t have any. It’s not the sort of thing likely to get much use (not liking coconut), so if I do sample that, it will be from a small 1.5 oz bottle.

Next up was with my Corsair Rye, and this was also quite tasty. However, this stuff is one of my favorite whisk(e)ys, and it seems like a bit of a waste to dilute it with anything. I was a little sad to see it that this almost finished off the bottle.

With Redbreast it was okay, but remarkably uninteresting.

Connemara was also pretty tasty, but I feel like I lost a lot of the more interesting bits of Connemara. For example, there was no sense of peat in the finished drink.

I found that I could easily increase the water to 3/4 cup without it getting too weak; I didn’t try any more. I also didn’t change any other proportions because everything tasted well balanced the way it was. For a bit more detail on the specific Whiskeys involved, see my last post.

Maybe next I’ll try Hot Buttered Rum. I’ll have to buy more rum.

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