Houston Food

In my post on Texas in August, I mentioned that I couldn’t remember the name of our dinner location in Houston. I thought it was Mexican, but apparently, it’s “Latin American-Caribbean Fusion”. I like Mexican, but that description reminds me of a tasty restaurant here in Champaign that I think of as “gourmet equatorial”.

It was El Pueblito Patio, and if you have the opportunity to go there, I highly recommend it. It was amazingly delicious, and felt very friendly and authentic. Seriously, I think we all felt like they were a big family, and like they were welcoming us into their family. (Radio Maria is nice, but it has a sort of artsy fancy-date pretentiousness about it.) When they found out that it was Rachel’s first birthday, they brought out a huge piece of Tres Leches – big enough for all five of us to share. It was easily one of the best desserts I’ve ever had. Sadly, I can’t remember my entree, but I seem to recall Rachel having a plate of fried plantain?

Go there.

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