Comparo: pt1

I was intrigued by the following description:

Same varieties. Same farmers. Same washed process. Peaberry vs. flat bean.

Peaberries have a reputation for being”different”, and this is a rare opportunity for a direct comparison, so a coworker and I split the following Indonesian coffees to evaluate them side-by-side.


We’ll see if my 6oz stretches far enough, but I’d like to sample them as:

  • Straight espresso ristretto (1/3 cup of grounds pulled into 1 oz of espresso)
  • Straight espresso “late pull” (What to call this? It’s an additional 1/2 oz pulled after the ristretto pull.)
  • Americano (1 pt espresso ristretto, 3 pts hot water)
  • Cortado Breve (I’m not sure what to call this, but it is 1 pt espresso ristretto and 1 pt half and half.)
  • French Press
  • Moka Pot


This morning I compared them as straight shots of espresso ristretto and as late pulls. Neither was especially tasty like this, but the peaberry was better. The flatbean had a fuller flavor, but it was less pleasant. The peaberry’s late pull was weaker, but didn’t show any signs of over-extraction; it still had body and didn’t have any bitterness. On the other hand, the flatbean was over extracted, thin and starting to get bitter.

The late pull is interesting just because 1 oz of espresso isn’t much, and if I can enjoy a 50% higher yield, that’s a bonus. It’s also useful because when making an americano, 1/2 oz of tasty late pull is better than 1/2 oz of water. I want to maximize the yumminess even when diluting the yumminess to make it last longer.

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