Comparo: pt2

Last post I introduced the two coffees I’m comparing. This week I try them in americano – it will be brief. My americano is 1 oz of espresso ristretto diluted with 3 oz hot water.

Unsurprisingly, it mirrored the espresso samples. The peaberry was pretty good, and the flatbean was not. The latter was bad enough I had to add a little half and half in order to finish it.

This was disappointing, but somewhat expected. I’ve found that heavier/earthier beans are better prepared in a french press and that brighter beans are better in a moka pot. Since an espresso machine could be considered a very optimized moka pot and Indonesian coffees tend to epitomize heavy, earthy coffees, this preparation isn’t expected to bring out the best in either of these coffees. FWIW, I find bright coffees in a french press to be harsh, and earthy coffees in the moka pot to be muddy. Using the right tool for the job makes all the difference. :)


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