Zambian Comparo, pt2

This update will include the results to two different samplings.


This was almost identical to the espresso sampling, particularly the late pulls. Okay, but not very satisfying.

Moka Pot

The flatbean was dominated by a dull grapefruit bitterness. It was a lot like the americano, but stronger, fuller bodied, and more simplistic. Half and half dulled the flavors without diminishing the grapefruit.

In stark contrast, the peaberry really started to shine! It was tart and fruity without being overbearing, and unlike the flatbean, was enticing. A pleasure to drink. It inspired my to try it iced, and while it was still good, it wasn’t as good as it had been hot. I added a splash of half and half to the iced version and it turned into a drink that was different, but equally delicious , when compared to the hot coffee out of the moka pot.

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