Cold-Brew Kombucha

As mentioned last time, my latest batch of ‘buch started with decaf Luzianne tea that had been cold-steeped for 24 hours. I said that I thought it would be ready after another week, but at mid-week it didn’t seem close, so I wasn’t expecting it to be ready this evening. Nevertheless, my prediction was on the mark, and it was ready to bottle this evening.

I ended up with 3.5 quarts. I’m leaving the half-quart plain just to see how it tastes plain, and allow for table-side flavoring.

Bottle two is getting a bag of “Celestial Country Peach Passion”. It’s a sort of relative control in this experiment. The last batch had a bottle of peach and a bottle of Raspberry-Vanilla, and I decided that the I preferrer the lighter peach flavor over the more intense raspberry. So this time I continue with the peach to see how cold-brew peach compares to 4-hour brew peach.

Bottle three gets “Bigelow Orange & Spice”. I’m expecting good things from this combination.

Bottle four is “Bigelow Pomegranate Pizzazz”, which I’m expecting to be a lot like the Raspberry I tried previously.

I’ve been trying things I find in our tea box, but the only promising bag left is “Lemon Ginger”. I’ll have to stop by Walnut Street Tea to find interesting individual bags.

Last week I started batch 4. It’s pretty strange, with more 4-hour long-steeped tea, but sweetened with Brown Rice Syrup. More on that later…

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