Gunpowder Kombucha

A week ago I bottled my kombucha made with gunpowder tea. It fermented for 28 days and is probably my second-worst tasting brew (after brown rice kombucha). The flavor isn’t intense, but isn’t all that pleasant. And unlike me previous batches, the flavor hasn’t gotten milder over time.

I flavored one quart with my usual Peach Passion (Celestial), one with Blackcurrant (London F&H), and one with Mango-Passionfruit (Stash). The mango-passionfruit didn’t really develop its flavor until it had been steeping for almost a week. this is the first time I’ve seen a flavor that hadn’t taken hold within a day. I’m not sure what I think of the blackcurrant; I’l try to give it a second chance sometime.

The pH was 3.0. I had been planning to wait until it reached 2.5, but I bottled when I did so that I could walk though the bottling and subsequent brewing process with visiting family. I’m not sure how the flavor might have changed, but I’ll optimistically assume that this is better than it would have been with more time to brew. Green tea is purported to produce rather healthy and vigorous cultures. It did seem to have a rather thick scoby, but not noticeable more than my usual. Considering I didn’t like the flavor, I can probably do without a possible incremental improvement in a culture that’s already thriving.

I started a new batch just like my usual (just like my first), except that my scoby and 1 cup of starter came from my recently inaugurated scoby hotel. I should have another batch ready in a week or so. I need to pick up some new flavors for bottling, and figure out what experiment to try next.

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