Goji Kombucha

This was a 1 quart experiment in which I steeped dried goji berries and fermented the result.

I used:

  • 1/4 cup white sugar
  • 1/4 cup kombucha tea
  • 4 tb chopped dried goji berries

My post-steep, pre-fermentation straining was inadequate, and there was a variety of small debris clearly visible. Eventually, most of it floated to the top, where it gave the scoby an odd pinkish orange speckle. After two weeks, the scoby formed a seal around the edges of the jar, and a bubble of CO2 pushed it off of the surface of the kombucha. The scoby was very strange, and fell apart with minor pressure. Look for pics below. Next time I should use a paper filter during or after steeping, and check more often to make sure the scoby isn’t sticking.

The flavor had a distinct sharp sourness, vaguely resembling green apples. After 2 weeks, my warm straw-sample tasted pretty good despite having a pH of only 3.6.  After refrigeration, the flavors from the warm sampling were still there, but much more subtle. More than any other kombucha I’ve made, it tastes like juice, reminding me of a slightly weak but slightly tart apple juice. I need to get more goji berries and try this again, maybe letting it ferment a bit longer.

Here are my first ever blog pics; They’ll probably become an occasional occurrence.

scoby top

The top of the scoby

scoby bottom

The bottom of the scoby


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