Sugar-Free Kombucha

No, this isn’t a euphemism for artificially-sweetened Kombucha. It’s an experiment to confirm that it doesn’t work to brew kombucha without a carbon source (sugar). This was started last month, but I’m just now getting around to posting about it. This batch was simply, tea + kombucha culture.

Not much happened:

  • After two weeks it tasted like very weak tea and had a pH of 3.8.
  • After four weeks it tasted like very weak vinegar, and had a pH of 3.6.

After 1 month with so little progression, I dumped it out. This was never expected to do much, and not much happened. Apparently the culture will consume whatever it can to survive, and when the same thing is both nutrients and raw materials for reproduction, the process doesn’t get very far.

3 thoughts on “Sugar-Free Kombucha

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