Water Kombucha

This 1 quart experiment was started early February, and ran for 8 weeks. It is  simply water + sugar + kombucha culture. It was described in a bit more detail at the two-week mark. As I said then: “Since it didn’t contain anything to nourish the yeast and bacteria, I wasn’t expecting anything drinkable out of this; I just wanted to see what would happen.”

Here’s what happened:

  • At two weeks, it had no tartness, and was a little sweet. (I didn’t yet have pH papers for measurement.)
  • At four weeks it tasted the same: no tartness, and was a little sweet. The pH was 3.0.
  • At eight weeks there a barely perceptible tartness combined with a slight astringency in the finish. It was still a little sweet, and still pH 3.0.

The puzzling thing here is that for a beverage, 3.0 is quite acidic. I don’t understand how it could be that acidic without significant tartness.

Despite the fact that the flavor was still developing, the very slow pace and the lack of pH change over 4 weeks  convinced me to dump it out, and call the experiment complete. in hindsight, I should have used it to make probiotic lemonade, since the flavor is very similar to the water kefir I use for that purpose. Next time!

This thing had a very strange-looking scoby. It’s hard to see, but there seems to be 1 inch of mostly-clear scoby with a milky-tan part hanging down.

water kombucha scoby

floating water kombucha scoby

However, the structure must have been like a jellyfish, with a firm “skin” that’s actually hollow. When I held the scoby in my hand, it collapsed.

floating water kombucha scoby in-hand

“deflated” water kombucha scoby


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