Kombucha Sans Scoby, batch 4

Yes, my last batch of the subject was titled “part 2”, but I mentioned that it was actually my third batch because batch two was described along with an unrelated batch. This confused me, so I’m changing nomenclature in the middle. This is my fourth batch of scoby-free kombucha, so that’s the way I’m going to title it.

Of my last batch, I wrote:

“So far, it seems like my scoby-free experiment is getting gradually sweeter, fermenting more slowly, and producing a less vinegary flavor and aroma. The scoby it produces each time also seems to be a little less thick and more irregular in formation. “

I can’t say for sure if that trend is continuing, because I forgot about this one and let it go for 29 days. At the end of that time, it was pH 3.0 and a bit more tart than I prefer. However, it blended very well with my too-sweet batch of lemon ginger kombucha, so that’s a plus. I also made a bottle with Decaf Mountain Chai and another with 1 tbsp of dried whole goji berries in a muslin bag.

To my palate, the chai was overwhelmed by the sourness of the kombucha, but the goji berries (eventually) produced a much more balanced drink. My sister-in-law appreciates both sour kombucha and chai, and I think she (and my brother) enjoyed the 1/2 quart or so that they consumed. The goji berries added a unique fruity sweetness that stood on it’s own as a counterpoint to the sharp tartness of the kombucha base. I don’t know that I can explain it clearly, but it wasn’t like the kombucha became sweeter, but rather like two distinct flavors that register separately but simultaneously. Next time I’ll chop up the dried goji to see if that helps it steep faster.

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