Piloncillo Kombucha

I’ve taken notes on quite a few different batches of kombucha that aren’t yet documented in a blog post. This is one of those…

I picked up 4 cones of piloncillo from Meijer, and grated three of them to make ~1 cup of sugar. Piloncillo is made by putting sugarcane juice into a mold, and letting the moisture evaporate. It’s a lot like brown sugar used to be, before they made brown sugar by mixing a little molasses into plain white sugar.

The process was the same as usual, but with an “exotic” sugar.

  • 21 days: not too sweet, but only pH 3.6. The scoby is thin.
  • 29 days: no sweetness, pH 3.2

The final acidity and sweetness remind me of kombucha I’ve made with glucose, but piloncillo is reported to be entirely (or almost entirely) sucrose, so I’d expect it to taste like normal kombucha with earthy or dark, molasses-like undertones. Perhaps it contained its own microbial cocktail that significantly affected the flavor, or there was an unusually high level of some mineral that caused the kombucha culture to behave differently. It’s hard to say, but I’m not expecting to make this again.

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