Kombucha Fermented On Goji Berries

I’ve taken notes on quite a few different batches of kombucha that aren’t yet documented in a blog post. This is one of those…

A new type of experiment for me. I’ve made hot-water extracts of many different things, including goji berries, but I’ve never added any actual fruit to my gallon fermentation jar.

Okay, so maybe it doesn’t seem all that different now, because I’ve started using my kombucha culture to ferment apple cider. But when I made this, I had never added fruit or fruit juice at the beginning of fermentation. In particular, I added 1/2 cup dried goji berries to my normal kombucha setup.

After a mere 13 days, the was pH 3.2. The flavor was a little bit sweeter than usual, but mild, and lightly goji-fruity. It was very tasty, and I drank it without adding any flavorings. I did use a small portion to blend with other things that needed a sweet/fruity touch.

I’m still trying to find a good way to sweeten kombuchas that have too little residual sugar, but I haven’t found any juice/sugar addition that tastes right. The only thing that’s come close is the addition of an overly-sweet kombucha. Maybe I need to make another batch of double-sugar kombucha to store for blending purposes. Perhaps I should also experiment with secondary fermentation, but, I’m finding myself highly hesitant to risk exploding bottles. This might be due to having a gallon of mead explode (from a shelf 8 feet high) 23 years ago. (Cleaning honey and glass shards from the rental carpet left an impression on me, and I’m thankful I had a very kind and gracious landlord. :-)

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