Oaty Kombucha

I added 1/4 cup of rolled oats (not quick-cook) to a 1 quart micro-match of my usual kombucha. I know, this seems like a weird thing to do, but I got the idea reading a blog post in which Scott Janish reviews the research related to using oats in beer. In short, it’s good for yeast, and in many cases, what’s good for yeast is good for bacteria, so I decided to give it a try even though many steps of the process (of making beer and kombucha) are very different.

  • 7 days: pH 3.6. This tasted a little sour and a little sweet, and scoby seems to be thick and solid. The kombucha looked pale and clear, without any cloudiness. This was progressing a little quicker than usual, and the color/clarity was rather unusual.
  • 11 days: pH 3.4. It still tasted a little sour and a little sweet, and looked very pale and clear.
  • 14 days: pH 3.4. Considering how much the pH dropped in the first week, I was surprised there wasn’t much change in acidity over the last week. Oh well. This had a thicker mouthfeel than my usual kombucha, and the flavor was different somehow. Oats could make an interesting addition to kombucha.

Apparently, oats are high in “Free Amino Nitrogen” (FAN), which means I might be able to use oats as the nitrogen source (in place for tea) in a kombucha-fermented drink. I’m guessing that simply adding oats to water and sugar won’t work, but maybe I could make my own oat milk or buy some. It might be low on vitamins and minerals, but it’s worth a try.

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