Date Syrup Kombucha

I was intrigued to see that date sugar is nothing more than dehydrated dates ground into a coarse powder. I wondered what the effects would be from the non-sugar components, so I decided to give it a try. While shopping I noticed that date syrup was a lot less expensive than date sugar, so I decided to use 1/4 cup of that in place of the usual sugar in an otherwise normal 1 quart micro-batch.

  • 6 days: pH 3.6. slightly tart, slightly sweet, and a flavor that I can’t tell if it’s slightly bitter or something else. The kombucha is opaque pinkish/red, and reminds me of kombucha I made with the brown rice syrup. I’m expecting to add gelatin finings at bottling.
  • 13 days: pH 3.6. the flavor is a little harsh and even strongly astringent. There’s a slight burn in the back of my throat, and in my mouth.

Wow, I’m really surprised by how this turned out. I may keep this for blending (or making switchel), but I won’t be drinking it straight.

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