Kombucha Fermented on Cloves

I made a 1 qt micro-batch of kombucha that was normal except that I added 1 tbsp of whole dried cloves. This was a followup to my cinnamon stick kombucha.

  • 7 days: pH > 4.4. Nothing happened except a strong clove odor. No film, oil, or detectable pH change.
  • 14 days: pH > 4.4. Nothing happened, so I added a scoby to see if that would help.
  • 21 days: pH > 4.4. Still no visible change. I did taste a small bit, and it was slightly less sweet, or maybe the sweetness was masked by the intense clove flavor. When I dumped it out, it looked like some yeast had precipitated to the bottom of the jar.

This is even more definitive than with cinnamon. Cloves appears to be a very potent antimicrobial. Whatever you else you do with your kombucha, avoid cloves.

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